Animal abuse & rescue cases have doubled in last year

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Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

The bad news is that according to an Austrailian news source, the number of abused animals that are investigated has doubled in the past year. The good news is at least people are recognizing this unacceptable behavior and are making the calls to have these animals rescued. More and more people are reporting animal abuse and cruelty cases to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), which is the UK’s largest animal welfare charity.

Here are some astonishing figures given by The Advertiser showing the number of animal inspections and rescues in the past 2 years:

Year 2011-2012 – 5357 cases
Year 2012-2013 – 10,526 cases

At this time, the RSPCA is prosecuting 30 people for animal cruelty, with another 24 standing before the courts. Last year, 38 people were prosecuted.

The number of cruelty reports went up by a third, from 2496 to 3696, according to The Advertiser. Why have these numbers gone up? The RSPCA gives the credit to awareness. More people are taking a vested interest in protecting animals when they suspect abuse and they are reporting it. Daily news reports, television shows and social media help to spread the word and speak out against this kind of abuse.

Please, anyone who witnesses animal abuse, cruelty or sees a sick or wounded animal, please report this to your local animal shelter or call the police.

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2 Responses to Animal abuse & rescue cases have doubled in last year

  1. Tjheart says:

    Doesn’t animal abuse make you sick?

  2. Marissa L. says:

    I’m not even sure that “sick” is a strong enough word @Tjheart. It is absolutely disgraceful and baffling how someone could hurt an innocent animal who only wants to give unconditional love.

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