Animal therapy proving positive for children with autism

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savit keawtavee

savit keawtavee

There has been talk for years about the positive effects that animal therapy has for both adults and children. Linwood High School in Renfrewshire UK has been teaming with the Pawsitive Action Charity to invite their shelter dogs into the school to spend time with children in the Kintyre learning program. The project has been successful.

The teachers have said that the children who are spending time with dogs are showing improvement in their school work, an increase in their emotional well being and the ability to show empathy towards others. There has been a lot of evidence to prove this is true after the implementation of the project began. Volunteers bring the dogs in and teach the kids basic animal care.

The children spending time with the animals have autism and other learning disabilities. The teachers have said that the program helps to boost their confidence. For those with Asperger’s syndrome, working with animals has helped to improve their communication skills, according to the teachers who spoke with the Paisley Daily Express.

The bond that the children have formed with the animals has been truly inspiring; however, the program is at risk of being terminated due to lack of funding. According to the Paisley Daily Express, it costs £50 or approximately $64.30 to transport each dog and for the volunteer’s expenses. Bosses at Renfrewshire Council are trying to access new sources of funding.

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6 Responses to Animal therapy proving positive for children with autism

  1. Daniel Flynn says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Curly says:

    Wonderful article.

  3. Allisa Carter says:

    My daughter has autism and it is a struggle every single day. It is very difficult to calm her down when she gets herself into a temper tantrum and nothing that we seem to do ever works. She must get out of them in her own time. Recently though, we just got it miniature schnauzer and the difference that this dog has made in our child’s life is unbelievable. He can calm her down from a tantrum in a matter of minutes! It is incredible. I fully advocate for animal therapy and as long as you fully supervise your animal when in any child’s presence, you can watch miracles happen as I have done in my home.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Dogs are miracles with tails.

  5. Tjheart says:

    Have you ever noticed if you are not well, you dog stays lose by your side. They seem to have another sense that tells them you need them to comfort you. Amazing.

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