ASPCA rescues over 130 dogs from deplorable puppy mill in Alabama

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The ASPCA continues to do what they do best: rescuing and caring for our most precious furry friends. Only last week they did something spectacular. A massive rescue in Arkansas took place when the organization saved over 130 dogs from a puppy mill in Needham, Alabama.

The dogs were living in unmentionable conditions. They were malnourished and many had terrible medical issues such as dehydration, hypothermia and ocular damage which made them blind. The animals discovered were crying out for help, according to the ASPCA. They consisted of Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranians.

There was no mistaking that these animals had their basic needs stripped away for most of their lives and that they never had any kind and loving human interaction. The team that rescued these dogs took them to a temporary shelter for treatment and care.

The ASPCA has hit over 230 rescues in less than two weeks. The organization is always asking for donations, as their resources dwindle quickly. They will not; however, stop saving animals and giving them a great chance of a good, happy and healthy life.

Please help to STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY and help support and our efforts. Thank you!

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