Caring for your animal during summer heat

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Tim Riediger/Getty Images

Tim Riediger/Getty Images

We are in the midst of summer time and pet owners need to be aware of how the seasonal heat can dramatically affect their animals. Some people do not truly understand the impact that the heat and humidity can have on our furry best friends, so we are going to give some tips to make you aware of how to keep your animals as safe as possible during the season’s high temperatures. Learn how to protect your pets from the threats of summer heat and everyone will remain happy and healthy:

  1. Never leave your animal in a parked car even for just the couple of minutes it takes to run into a store. Heat inside the vehicle can rise to very dangerous levels in a matter of only minutes – even if the windows are cracked. If you see an animal sitting in a parked car, please call the police.
  2. When walking your dog, please remember that the pavement can get extremely hot. Asphalt can actually burn your pet’s paws, so walk him or her on the grass. Watch their breathing too. Short nosed dogs can have a difficult time breathing well in the heat.
  3. Always make sure that your pets have plenty of fresh, clean water out and at their disposal at all times. You can add ice to the water to help it keep cold. Leave it in a shady area.
  4. Never tie your dog to a doghouse. The heat inside can get awfully dangerous.
  5. If you bring your dog into the pool or ocean, keep a very close watch out for them. If they appear tired, please carry them out of the water.
  6. Many times people do not recognize the signs of heat stroke and animals can get it just like people do. If you notice your dog panting heavily with glazed over looking eyes, fast heartbeat, lethargy, excessive thirst, fever, dizziness, vomiting, deep red or purple tongue, lack of coordination or if they fall unconscious, quickly move them into air conditioning, apply ice packs to their head, neck, chest and run cool water over their body. Offer him or her ice cubes to lick and call your vet immediately.

If you pay close attention to the strong sunny days and keep a close watch over your pet (which you should do at all times anyway), you can keep him or her safe during the summer months and all throughout the year.

Prevention is the key to keeping a healthy and happy animal.

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3 Responses to Caring for your animal during summer heat

  1. Steven says:

    Step 7: If you see a animal in a parked car with the windows closed, break those windows in and teach those morons a lesson!

  2. Anthony P. says:

    Moron is the correct word. Same with children. Never never never.

  3. Elizabeh says:

    This is good advice. Never take chances with your animals. Take extra precautions in the summer.

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