How to report animal abuse or pedophiles that are found on Facebook

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November 24, 2014 How to report animal abuse or pedophiles that are found on Facebook

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There is no excuse for abuse of any kind – period! The most well known and popular kind of abuse that is inflicted on others is on animals and children. Often, people witness this type of abuse first hand on Facebook or other forms of social media.

If you witness cruelty on Facebook, in the form of abuse to children or animals in either videos or pictures, there is a way to deal with it where it will get attention. Please do not just ignore it!

Below are the steps that one can take to report abuse to an internationally known website that focuses on years of International Police Cooperation. People are urged to please not report to Facebook the abuse on Facebook because if that is the way it is handled, the evidence will be destroyed, according to Blacklion Knights.

Here are the instructions for reporting animal cruelty and pedophiles that are discovered on Facebook, according to

  1. Click HERE to Report to INTERPOL
  2. Send INTERPOL the URL to the Picture or Video you want to report.
  3. For Example: Click on THIS LINK:
  4. THEN Click HERE for INTERPOL Report Page.
  5. Put your Email Address in the Appropriate Box, Put “GRAPHIC VIOLENCE ON FACEBOOK” in the Subject Box, and then paste the “URL” going to the Photo or Video you wish to report – with a brief message to INTERPOL (see below for sample).

Here is a direct Sample Statement from

I have been witness to blatant animal cruelty (or child abuse) on Facebook at the following link:

These images are extremely disturbing and clearly establish blatant crimes against animals (or children). After viewing the provided material, you will understand that this is indicative of unlawful acts of animal cruelty (or child abuse) as established by the (Animal Welfare Act) and relevant local and international statutes. I respectfully request that your resources be applied to remove this material and charge the perpetrators with relevant unlawful crimes.

Thank you for your rapid attention to this urgent appeal.


To abusers everywhere,

you cannot hide,

you cannot run,

your evil deeds

cannot be undone.

consider yourselves reported!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

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