Lifeless puppies rescued from 107 degree heat

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Rancho Santa Fe Review

Rancho Santa Fe Review

It was a story that started off with the possibility of a catastrophic outcome, but ended happily. According to the Rancho Santa Fe Review, six small puppies were found abandoned in a shopping cart outside a mall in Central California where the temperatures reached a shocking 107 degrees. The puppies were Shepard-Terrier mixes and only about 4 weeks old.

When they were found, they were reported to be, “listless and not moving.” They were given veterinary care and then taken to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe. The center announced that they will be ready for adoption by the end of July.

At this time, the puppies are being cared for by a foster family.

It is important to remember that defenseless animals need constant care. They are never to be left in high outdoor temperatures and should always have fresh, clean water available.

If you are interested in adopting these puppies or any other animals in the area, please call the Helen Woodward Animal Center at 858-756-4117. You can also visit the Center at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. Visit their website at

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2 Responses to Lifeless puppies rescued from 107 degree heat

  1. Raven Hawk says:

    This could have been NOT a happy ending. Very grateful it was. VERY.

  2. bigTom says:

    how can any human in their right mind do this to innocent pups? Oh, simple, they are NOT in their right mind.

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