Owner of 30 Pit Bulls asks for negative accusations from community to stop

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Lemont Sanchez from Madison County, Alabama calls himself an animal lover. WHNT News 19 reported that he owns 30 pit bulls that he considers to be his children. However, the community has been complaining and Sanchez wants it to stop.

People have been accusing Sanchez of chaining some of his dogs and starving them. There has even been talk that he is involved in dog fighting, but Sanchez states that these accusations are absolutely false, according to WHNT News 19.

The director of Madison County’s Animal Control Director, who is a friend of Sanchez’s stated that no laws are being violated according to Alabama state law.

Sanchez breeds his dogs to make money and has the license to operate a dog-selling business which he showed to investigators, according to WHNT News 19.  Sanchez wants people to know that the accusations against him are all incorrect and that the pit bull is the greatest dog he has ever owned.

The news crew saw all the dogs in shady areas with buckets of water. The dogs seemed happy to see their owner when he walked in to show them. Sanchez shared that he thinks of these dogs as his “kids.”

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  1. Tjheart says:

    That sure is a lot of dogs to care for.

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