Send us an adorable picture of your pet and a little caption about him/her and we would love to post what you send us up in our photo gallery here! Once you send your photo and caption, give us a little time and then check back to see your picture! Say cheese!


This is Jade. He is an 8 lb toy poodle who is loved by his mommy with all her heart. Originally saved from Daytona, Florida, he now lives with all the love in the world with a family that spoils him rotten. He was trained as a service animal and really lights up the lives of all with whom he comes into contact. His family is blessed to have him.







This is Luke. He is a 35 lb mixed lab who was rescued from a shelter. Before that, Luke was crated all day long. It was awful! He has seizure disorder, but his daddy gives him medicine every day, so he is okay now.







This was mommy’s beloved Harry Connick Junior. He was snuggling inside his mommy’s sweatshirt on a cold winter day. RIP, HCJ.







This is Link. He knows how to play the piano!







Kenya’s mommy said this about her baby: My best friend and yoda/guru Shetland Sheepdog. She’s almost 12 and I adopted her at 10 weeks old from the Humane Society, after a 9 month wait for a full-breed pup. As I am typing this she has made her way over to me and lovingly put her chin on my knee. She has kept me grounded and sane for 1/4 of my life.







This is Bert. His dad said this about him: My sister-in-law gave him to me the day before my wife told me she wanted a divorce. I got the call from the vet today that he has cancer. He is 6.5 yrs old. I don’t have words to express how much joy he has given me.







This is Lahji which means “Gift” in Finnish. Lahji’s grandmother had this to say her: My daughter just rescued this beautiful dachshund from a unlicensed breeder!! She has lived her entire 3 years of life in a kennel giving birth to puppies!! Kudos to Alexis!!







These babies are Bruno and Max. This is what their mommy had to say about them:  They were adopted as kittens from the Humane Society in Ithaca, New York by a good friend of mine, who brought them to Chicago. Her circumstances changed, and I ended up taking them. I have had them for six years, and can’t imagine life without them. We are a little family. Bruno and Max have very different and distinct personalities, still love to play, and follow me wherever I go in the house. They love people and are very attentive, looking at people directly in the eye–unusual for cats. These guys are also inseparable brothers. Here they are, Bruno on top and Max on the bottom (which is how Bruno would like to keep their relationship, but Max doesn’t agree, so they roughhouse for who is “top cat” of the moment, and their wins and losses are about even). This photo is from when I first got them.







This is Captain Morgan, 1997-2010. This is what his dad had to say about him: He is a Red Cocker Spaniel and was a great childhood companion for my daughter Bekki. He looked a lot like the Cocker I had when I myself was a child. He died when Bekki was 18. Specifically, the day before she left for Kenya to help out in AIDS orphanages.







Mr. Magoo’s mommy had this to say about him: Mr. Magoo was born completely blind. He sees nothing out of his big beautiful brown eyes, not even a shadow of light. He is an Aussie/German Shepherd, but he thinks he is a full blooded German Shepherd and lets the world know he is a strong boy with no fear. I learn from Magoo everyday, he never stops amazing me.







This is Lizzie Lou. This is what her mom had to say about her: Lizzie Lou was rescued at 6 weeks old. We were fostering her, but after 3 months we decided she had to stay with us permanently. Lizzie Lou enrolled in school and just completed her Canine Good Citizen test to become a Reading Education Assistance Dog. Soon she will be training to help kids at school.







This is Spot. Here is what Mom had to say about him: Spot is our handsome deaf Australian Shepherd boy from Idaho. He also has epilepsy. Spot spends his time as a therapy dog visiting the residents at Assisted Living Homes. He likes to make people smile and in return he likes belly rubs! Spot has been with us 4 years now and we can’t imagine life without him.







This is Roxie the amazing deaf Australian Shepherd. She was born deaf and slightly vision impaired. She is a beautiful, confident and strong girl who teaches our foster puppies how to be good family members! We adopted Roxie at 14 weeks old, she is now 4 years old. We love her!

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