Rescued animals help in healing abused children

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The Gentle Barn Foundation

The Gentle Barn Foundation

The Gentle Barn Foundation in Santa Clarita CA is a wonderful six acre barnyard sanctuary for about 170 farm animals. Part of their mission is to “rescue severely abused and neglected animals that no one else wants.”

The organization believes that through interaction with their animals, people can learn respect and admiration for all life. It’s a beautiful thing. When the animals are healed and well, they help to rehabilitate and heal abused and neglected children. With the many different programs at the sanctuary, lives are touched, both human and animal. They have many programs including ones for special needs children and at-risk youth.

Animals at the Gentle Barn include horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, turkeys and pigs who are rescued, healed and then live the rest of their lives there. Each animal endured a different experience and through hearing the varying stories of abuse, children can relate and know that they can heal too. The mutual trust and unconditional love that can be formed between a human and an animal is proven right there at the Gentle Barn Foundation.

Animals can be teachers, healers and best friends. They can teach people self-worth, value and empower them, according to the founder of the organization – and that is absolutely true!

There are many unique opportunities to be had at the Gentle Barn. People can hug, pet, feed and get up close and personal with animals that they would otherwise never have the chance to get that close to. It is also a chance to admire and fall in love with different kinds of animals than what most people are used to.

The Gentle Barn wants people to understand that love should be unconditional no matter what we look like because we are all the same. This is a beautiful lesson that should be learned by all.

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2 Responses to Rescued animals help in healing abused children

  1. Marissa L. says:

    This seems like an amazing organization and I thank you for sharing this article with us. There is nothing like the bond that can form between an animal and a person. Animals trust us unconditionally and it is our job to care for them and to treat them with as much love, kindness and caring as they give to us. I love how this org rescues farm animals in a way that when they are well, they can then give back to children and help them to get well too. What a beautiful thing! Thanks again for sharing!

  2. Dr Roger says:

    Animals are the keys that open hearts, heal and teach. What a fabulous opportunity The Gentle Barn provides.

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