Second largest dog fighting bust in the United States rescues 367 animals

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Thanks to the ASPCA, 367 dogs were rescued in what was considered to be one of the largest dog fights busts within the United States – the second largest in history to be exact. This occurred on a sweltering hot day in August 2013. These animals were taken from properties from the hot southern states of Mississippi, Texas, Georgia and Alabama.

The dogs, aged 12 years old down to only a few days old were found starving to death with very little food or water, scarred up and attached to very heavy chains that kept them bound with little room for movement. Needless to say, they had never experienced anything but abuse and suffering. Some of the dogs were even pregnant, including one of the rescues, a pit bull named Ruby.

The dogs collectively became known as “The 367.” Thanks to the ASPCA, their lives would be changed for the better as soon as they came into contact with the loving staff who took them from the monsters that held them prisoners.

Ruby spent her entire life abused and hurt. She was neglected and never experienced love. The Emergency Responders from the ASPCA reported that despite this horrid life, Ruby still maintained a very “sweet and gentle nature.” Ruby gave birth to her puppies and then was adopted by one of the responders who rescued her.

Ruby is in a loving home now and is giving back already! She has been trained and certified as a therapy dog and will be bringing her great personality along with love and happiness to local hospitals, retirement homes and schools.

If anyone witnesses dog fighting or animal abuse or neglect of any kind, they are urged to please report it immediately!

Thank you for taking the time to care and thank you for helping to support

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