We thank you for considering or deciding to rescue or adopt an animal. Click on your state below and find a shelter near you! If you might know of a shelter that we do not have here, please send it to us and we will add it to our list. Thank you!


The shelters listed within these pages are for informational purposes only. Please call, visit and read the fine print listed on a shelter’s brochure or paperwork before adopting or even dropping an animal off at one of these locations. does not condone nor particularly advocate for any particular shelter.

Alabama Shelters

Alaska Shelters

Arizona Shelters

Arkansas Shelters

California Shelters

Colorado Shelters

Connecticut Shelters

Delaware Shelters

Florida Shelters

Georgia Shelters

Hawaii Shelters

Idaho Shelters

Illinois Shelters

Indiana Shelters

Iowa Shelters

Kansas Shelters

Kentucky Shelters

Louisiana Shelters

Maine Shelters

Maryland Shelters

Massachusetts Shelters

Michigan Shelters

Minnesota Shelters

Mississippi Shelters

Missouri Shelters

Montana Shelters

Nebraska Shelters

Nevada Shelters

New Hampshire Shelters

New Jersey Shelters

New Mexico Shelters

New York Shelters

North Carolina Shelters

North Dakota Shelters

Ohio Shelters

Oklahoma Shelters

Oregon Shelters

Pennsylvania Shelters

Rhode Island Shelters

South Carolina Shelters

South Dakota Shelters

Tennessee Shelters

Texas Shelters

Utah Shelters

Vermont Shelters

Virginia Shelters

Washington Shelters

Washington DC (District of Columbia) Shelters

West Virginia Shelters

Wisconsin Shelters

Wyoming Shelters

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