Summer is not over: Join the ASPCA and pledge to save animals from the heat



It may be getting cooler in some states, but others are still enjoying (or maybe not) warm and even hot temperatures that can rise up to over 90 degrees. People have a way of staying hydrated and keeping themselves cool when they know they need to protect themselves. Animals, on the other hand, do not have it so easy. They often get trapped inside cars or left outside on chains without any available water. This is unacceptable behavior by humans.

The ASPCA has shared that every year, thousands of animals succumb to heatstroke and suffocation because they have been left in an unattended vehicle. Even with the windows cracked, temperatures inside of a parked car can climb from 80 degrees to 112 degrees in less than thirty minutes. It is far too easy for a quick stop at the ATM or the drug store to turn deadly.

That is why they need our help!

Leaving an animal alone in a car is more than just a really bad idea, it is actually a form of animal cruelty or animal abuse. That is right. Make no bones about it. Leaving an animal in a dangerous situation that they cannot get out of is abusive.

And since the ASPCA can’t be everywhere at all times, they need all humans to be their eyes and ears on the ground.

Please take the pledge today by clicking HERE.

Thank you for supporting

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