Yavapai College becomes animal shelter for evacuees of Yarnell Hill fires

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Aaron Lavinsky / Arizona Republic / July 1, 2013)

Aaron Lavinsky / Arizona Republic / July 1, 2013

Yavapai College in Prescott Arizona has been turned into an animal shelter to help those in need of finding a place to house their cats and dogs after being evacuated from their own homes due to the devastating Yarnell Hill fires. Amongst the complete chaos of these fires, animal owners are sleeping on cots in a gym on one side of the campus, while their animals, consisting of 29 dogs, 26 cats, 3 birds and a rabbit have a shelter all their own on campus, as of last night.

Everyone at Yavapai College is safe and sound thanks to Animal Disaster Services for Yavapai County, according to the Los Angeles Times. The horrid chaotic fires tragically took the lives of 19 heroic firefighters all in a matter of only hours. (more…)