Abused dog, Xena (ASPCA “Dog of the Year”) and autistic boy, Jonny Hickey rescue one another (Video)

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PetSocial.org loves to share stories of animal rescue and of how the kindness of humans can turn the life around of an animal in need; especially one who has been severely neglected or abused. In addition, when animals save people in return, that is the epitome of what we stand for here at PetSocial.org. Please be forewarned of the graphic nature of the “before” photo of Xena, the “Warrior Dog.”


When Xena was found and entered the Dekalb Animal Services Shelter that saved her back in March, she was only 4 pounds and very malnourished. She is a Staffordshire terrier mix who was rescued just in time to save her from dying. Veterinarians and a loving family did the trick.