Woman sacrifices health, marriage and career to save the lives of animals

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Sandra Dezelin Axelband

Sandra Dezelin Axelband

“It was 3:30 in the morning and I was alone in the house. Bloody, dog body parts and dog guts were all over the walls – blood splattered everywhere – dead dogs surrounded my feet,” shared Sandra Dezelan Axelband, as she wept.

Sandra continued:

“I cleaned as best as I could, cleaning up dogs parts and blood from the walls and floors. My finger, bit off at the second knuckle by one of the dogs, bled down my hand and body. But I couldn’t take care of that right away because saving the one dog, who was still alive, was my priority. He came first. I don’t even think when my dogs gets into fights or into trouble. I just think without acting.”

Sandra wants it known that dog fights are not a common occurrence; in fact, she has only experienced 3 fights in a matter of 6 years. However, when there is trouble, Sandra sacrifices her own safety first, for the safety of the animals.

Sandra has literally dedicated her life to the abused, abandoned, neglected and sick animals she helps, sacrificing her career, her personal/social life and even her marriage.

At any one time, Sandra Dezelan Axelband shelters between 14 and 20 dogs in her home. She also gives a home to several cats that she saves from abusive homes or the streets. These animals are often in terrible condition, sick and often dying.

Sandra’s days are consistently filled from approximately 4am until she drops into bed, exhausted taking care of all her rescues, feeding, cleaning, exercising, taking sick dogs to the vet, preparing for fundraising events for rescues and rescue adoptions, etc.

An unsung hero for animals in her community, Sandra is unparalleled to anyone who calls themselves an animal lover.

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7 Responses to Woman sacrifices health, marriage and career to save the lives of animals

  1. Jodi Raven Hawk Silver says:

    It sums it up when it say UNSUNG HERO. We need to pay MORE attention to those who are out there giving up EVERYTHING to saving the animals.

  2. Allisa Carter says:

    Amazing story. What a beautiful woman to sacrifice so much. I wish more people cared as much as she does!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I am completely blown away by this article. Thank you for bringing to light the amazing things this woman is doing what an incredible woman!

  4. Jean Eicholtz says:

    Sandra is indeed an incredible human being who has sacrificed more than any of us would ever be willing to do. Because of her, we have two of the sweetest rescues for our furbabies. They are our babies and we love them so much. Without Sandra, both of them would have been euthanized and we would never have found the unconditional love they give us. We Love You, Sandra and so do all your rescues! YOU ARE THE BEST!

  5. Marissa L. says:

    Wow! That is something else. What a brave and loving woman. I wish all people would care for animals the way she does. I cannot believe all this woman does. She is amazing. I would love to meet her and give her a hug! LOL! Seriously! Bless you, Sandra!

  6. Michele A. says:

    Awesome woman for what she does.

  7. Animal lover Alexis says:

    Bless you, Sandra!

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